A Honeymoon Resort in Central Ubud

Inspired by local wisdom, Kaamala means lotus flower in Sanskrit, has been tied to purity and peace and eternity in Hinduism. Based on this philosophy, we commit to reflect in the behaviour of human to fellow human beings and nature. Its implementation is reflected in services based on compassion, loving, kindness, friendliness, and patient . Meanwhile the orientation and design of each structure and architecture reflect the sophistication of Bali Hindu Philosophy and uniqueness of nature to make your ultimate stay experience in Ubud.


With 5-star hospitality services for your pleasant experience during stay, Kaamala Resort Ubud is idyllic place for romantic couples, travellers and even for family getaway. Traditionally dressed staff and management will embrace the guests as members of their family thereupon to give homey experience the layout, in-villa facilities, furniture and amenities were perfected and modernized. Every piece of decorations were locally made with Balinese woodcarving and stone carving style and we believe this set us apart from other resorts.


Behind the name is preserved as natural. Wild Air Restaurant is a tiered terrace seat where guess can sit and experience Indonesian cuisine and Chinese Cuisine while engendering a beautiful nature view and sense of serenity. At the bar, you can sip on the best local beans coffee, refreshing mocktails, delicious craft cocktails with our homemade infused bitters, bracing wines and beers within calmness of Ubud for a relaxing experience. Unlike many other bars on the island, Wild Air offers a different ambiance. It lies on a wooden terrace covered with a Balinese facade overlooking the lush jungle, providing an ideal space for all-day feast for the eyes with friends and family.


Svaha Spa has distinctive spa location as the spa lies on a cliff overlooking the jungle and river for the best view. Providing serenity along with stunning landscape of natural beauty and slight breeze. The spa is using traditional massage oils and scrubs to pampering and give you and your spouse the ultimate treatments. Not to mention, the spa allows the whole family to replenish with a special package full of natural goodness to indulge in. Svaha Spa is the best spa in Ubud to revitalize the body and pamper your senses into submission. SPA - Kaamala Resort Ubud.

From 30 minutes to more than one hours treatment, Svaha Spa caters a massage that encourages every guest to step into the world of wellness. The unique signature massage was collaborating the most effective techniques from Indonesian Traditional Massage. One can choose from a nurturing spa menu that has been designed for young skin with pure natural product to a gentle massage that will bring balanced mind and body with mini facial for perfect treatment.


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