How Does it Feel Honeymoon in Kaamala Resort Ubud?

How Does it Feel Honeymoon in Kaamala Resort Ubud?

Do you want to know what a honeymoon in Kaamala Resort in Ubud feels like? here are what our guest said. Kaamala resort is located in Jalan Bisma No 888 Ubud - Bali. This resort features a Suite Forest View, One Bedroom Villa with a Private Pool, Royal One Bedroom Villa with a Private Pool, and Royal Two Bedroom Villa with a Private Pool which is very comfortable for honeymooners and Families who would spend their intimate stay during romantic and family getaways in Ubud.

As this resort was dedicated to honeymoon activities, Yosafat our guest stayed with us after the wedding and said he has a wonderful time while he stay at Kamala resort. Yosafat mentioned the stunning view around the villa. He also likes how calm the vibes are as this resort is nestled and surrounded by the lush greeny forest of Ubud. Other than that, Yosafat also adores how polite and helpful the staff was.

"Spend 2 nights and have a wonderful day staying here. Try the romantic spa here and the service is exceptional! Definitely will stay here again next time visiting the Ubud area," told Yosafat.

Virrera, one of our guests also applauds Kaamala Resort as she stayed for her honeymoon in this resort. She specifically really likes the flower decoration and the cake. Virrera also highlighted the stunning view of Ubud's green rice field. She also compliments the friendly staff at Kaamala Resort.

"Thank you for the honeymoon decoration & cake! so beautiful & delicious. The breakfast was so yummy, and I love the view. And also customer service is welcome and kind. Unforgettable moment to stay at Kaamala Resort," said Virrera.

Other than that, as it gets a positive review on honeymoon at Kaamala from the guest, here is a little more detail about this resort, you can visit Wild Air Restaurant. Wild Air Restaurant at Kaamala Resort Ubud which is located in central Ubud, Jalan Bisma no. 888x Ubud, and near Monkey Forest. Surrounded by unspoiled nature with a breathtaking view of the green valley, Wild Air Restaurant offers an Asian and western menu with signature beverages made with passion by the professional chef.

So, if you are looking for the perfect resort to spend your honeymoon in Ubud, Kaamala resort should be at top of your mind. Contact this number to get more information: central Sales +62 82122225088

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